right now::

right now::

Officially Christmas break has begun! Only last week I was studying my little behind off for finals. Pheewww…..boy am I glad that is over. No more finals until May.

Beyond excited that next semester there are only six…..6…… credit hours to take. Holy Moly!! I’m almost done. Then the real work begins on Prairieland Flowers. Did I mention that I was excited???

Loving the poinsettias that I bought from the UNL-Horticulture Club. Haven’t bought one before? You should next year, they are amazing.

Paging through cook books for those old Christmas recipies. Salted Peanut Rolls. Chex Mix/Pretzel/Peanut thing. Sugar Cookies. Grandma Heine’s Sugar Cookies.

Admiring the decorations that I put up. I decided to snap some photos this morning. The cloud cover is just enough to leave the lights on all day.

Praying that everyone in Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Oklahoma and Texas stay safe during the snow storm that will be going through these next couple of days.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday!


right now::

right now::

Admiring the beauty of the trees from this weekend. The crab apples, birches, maples, and our 100 year old tree that I don’t know the name of (not to tree savy).

loving that the weather is finally becoming true Nebraska fall weather, minus the snow part.

Working on all sorts of projects for school, work, and myself. Why do I always say yes to sooo many things? Must be too nice I guess.

becoming excited about all these new opportunities that are arising for myself and the biz. Keep an ear open for some upcoming news.

Remembering that winter will soon be here. Should think about putting up the hoops sooner rather than later.

wishing everyone a happy and productive week.

right now


Sorghastrum nutans from audubonofkansas.org

right now::

enjoying the last of the flowers for the year.

Wishing there wasn’t so much to do this week and that the weekend was here.

hoping the forecast of snow/rain mixture is untrue.

Trying to remember where this year has gone….. November 1st already? Whoa!

keeping the last of the pumpkins safe so they last until Thanksgiving festivities.

Contemplating where my life will head after graduation. Do you dive right in or save up?

working on something new for the blog. New pages dedicated to native grasses and flowers for use in the home. Now that I have tons of time after this semester is over, my time will be spent on my business. Finding new opportunities and educating myself and others.

Hoping that everyone has a great first day of November. Enjoy this nice weather while you can 🙂

right now::

right now::

Watching the leaves change throughout the Lincoln area. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, mostly because my birthday is coming soon!

pondering….over new business ideas. With a name change in the works, there is alot to think about especially if I want this business to be successful.

Searching for a big person job. Only two classes for next semester means lots of time that needs to be spent wisely.

cooking….. spaghetti with fresh mushrooms. YUM!!

Overwhelmed with the amount of craziness in my life right now.

relived to have such supportive people in my life.

Giving a shout-out to my little brothers football team, the Centennial Broncos, now #8 in class C-1!

realizing that the year is almost over and that nature is putting herself to sleep.

Wishing that all of the flowers could produce throughout the winter.

attempting…..knitting? First to finish my blanket that has been in the works for three years.

Adoring the fuzzy little orange, yellow, white, and brown caterpillars wandering about.

hoping that you all have a wonderful productive week!

right now::

This has been my life the last couple of days. Researching color combos, textures, plant types…..the list goes on and on!! All for Agribusiness Finance. It’s not like I shouldn’t be researching more on my own anyways but this gives me a chance to have a deadline on certain things. It helps me see how much money I really do need to start Prairieland Flowers on a scale that will be profitable. To be able to work at home with flowers everyday would be awesome! But, to have enough money, without a loan, to begin will be a challenge. So, after this assignment is over I am making myself a new one. Research different types of funding that can be applied for. There is a lot of funding out there it just comes down to choosing the one that is right for you.

~ right now ~

right now::

Wondering what to do with the raspberries I picked this weekend. Cheesecake??

Enjoying the last blooms of ‘Mystic Mermaid’ purchased from here during the Horticulture Clubs Fall Trip.

Hoping that the rumors of 30 degree nights in the next two days are false.

Grading papers….

Putting off crocheting and doing some much needed homework instead.

Wishing I was here right now instead of doing that much needed homework.

Watching our new friend Ginger the neighborhood rabbit make her rounds throughout the backyard.