Long ago trip


Its been a while, yes I know. But, I just thought I would share about my trip a couple weeks ago to see Lucas….. and all the pretty flowers. It has been a weird spring and turning into a scorcher for a summer. All of the penstemon has long since gone and all that was blooming was cactus and prickly poppy.


  I did find some interesting sedge that could be used for cuts but never got a picture.

We did see some lizards, who were being friendly with one another.



But to end this post here are some other pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day flower friends.






A Hunting We Will Go….

It happened. Yes, the inevitable. I went on a hunt. Not those hunts you pretend to have when you are a child, looking for those shiny rocks and ancient artifacts (out in the wind break). This was for real. Lucas has been asking me ever since we started dating, which seems like forever ago…OK only 3 1/2 years but who is counting ;). But, he has been asking me every winter or so to come up to his place to go and shoot a deer. Have I said that hunting is not my thing? Well it really isn’t. With not much pleading and persuading I went.

All I was thinking was that it would be super boring (which it was most of the time). Lots…. I mean alot of sleeping happened. So much that I dreamed I fell out of the chair, which made me physically jump out of my chair and startled Lucas. Sorry about that.

There was actually alittle bit of excitement that happened. We put up the new blind and disguised it some more.

Can’t even tell it is there.

A friendly little squirrel decided to chatter all day long. Providing bits of entertainment throughout the afternoon.

The next day Lucas put out this deer attractant (I don’t remember what it was exactly). All I know is pictures through the mesh of the deer blind do not turn out very good. Remember that for next time.

We did however see some deer, if you look close you can see her in the middle. No shooters though (as Lucas calls them). I am hoping however that he does get his deer soon. Maybe next year I will go with him again……only to watch and take pictures though.

{New Calves}

Four hour road trips are a pain in the butt (LITERALLY). But, it is always worth it. Especially when I get to spend time with Lucas and his adorable dog Jethro. After driving, I arrived at his house and went out to see the new calves. And…. they are just to cute!!!



 This is Jethro!!!

 Cute right?

Funny story……

When I got in the house, Jethro was there. So, I patted him on the head and went and sat on Lucas’s lap. Jethro wasn’t going to have any of that. He started to whine at me because I guess I didn’t pet him enough! He must think I am his girl and I need to give him more lovin 🙂