A Hunting We Will Go….

It happened. Yes, the inevitable. I went on a hunt. Not those hunts you pretend to have when you are a child, looking for those shiny rocks and ancient artifacts (out in the wind break). This was for real. Lucas has been asking me ever since we started dating, which seems like forever ago…OK only 3 1/2 years but who is counting ;). But, he has been asking me every winter or so to come up to his place to go and shoot a deer. Have I said that hunting is not my thing? Well it really isn’t. With not much pleading and persuading I went.

All I was thinking was that it would be super boring (which it was most of the time). Lots…. I mean alot of sleeping happened. So much that I dreamed I fell out of the chair, which made me physically jump out of my chair and startled Lucas. Sorry about that.

There was actually alittle bit of excitement that happened. We put up the new blind and disguised it some more.

Can’t even tell it is there.

A friendly little squirrel decided to chatter all day long. Providing bits of entertainment throughout the afternoon.

The next day Lucas put out this deer attractant (I don’t remember what it was exactly). All I know is pictures through the mesh of the deer blind do not turn out very good. Remember that for next time.

We did however see some deer, if you look close you can see her in the middle. No shooters though (as Lucas calls them). I am hoping however that he does get his deer soon. Maybe next year I will go with him again……only to watch and take pictures though.


An Artists Work

Everytime I post about this topic I feel so redundant. Snow, Cold, Icy, BRRRR!!!! But, there is no help for me. Winter is one of my favorite times of year. The Snow, the Cold, not the Icy, but oh the BRRR and sitting next to the fireplace. Maybe the reason why I treasure this time so much is because it does not come around so often. Who knows, let’s just say I LOVE WINTER!!!

Enough about my love for the ever lasting cold. On to the post for today. Last night a fog went through. Ok not a fog, a blanket of chill you to your bones, make the hairs in your nose freeze, coughing spill when you breathe, FOG. It was very unpleasant to be out and about last night. Haha…..out and about. The only out and about that I did was throw the trash in the dumpster. But, it made an impact on me (GO BACK INSIDE!!)

This morning however, everything I mean everything was white. Jack Frost and his gang made an appearance and wanted to be congratulated for their amazing work. Well congrats Sir, an amazing job well done!

A Winter Wonderland

Wow… this weekend turned into a blustery white, Christmas filled couple of days. Full of happiness and reminiscing on old memories. We brought in our tree, no setting up an artificial one this year. A real one! Yes siree bob! More pictures of the tree to come. It seemed as if this snow wanted to stay around for a while. Over half a foot of soft, wet, fluffy snow on Saturday soon turned into hard icy snow by Sunday morning. It will be hanging around here for a while since the forecast calls for no temperatures above 30 until next Saturday. We are all hoping for everyone to be safe on the roads this winter season. Have a wonderful Monday!!

right now::

right now::

Admiring the beauty of the trees from this weekend. The crab apples, birches, maples, and our 100 year old tree that I don’t know the name of (not to tree savy).

loving that the weather is finally becoming true Nebraska fall weather, minus the snow part.

Working on all sorts of projects for school, work, and myself. Why do I always say yes to sooo many things? Must be too nice I guess.

becoming excited about all these new opportunities that are arising for myself and the biz. Keep an ear open for some upcoming news.

Remembering that winter will soon be here. Should think about putting up the hoops sooner rather than later.

wishing everyone a happy and productive week.

A late birthday present

Every year I wish for snow on my birthday. Every year since I was 5 (i think) I have wished for snow. One year I did get snow, if I remember right it was the huge snow storm that blew through Lincoln in the 90s. But since then… no birthday wish. Ya maybe it would come weeks before or after but never on October 30th. Besides  the fact that this snow is a few days late it is still my birthday snow.

This morning it was a rain/snow mix but now it is just snow. Snow galore!!


So while many of you are depressed because it is snowing I say BOO to you. It will all soon be gone and then it probably won’t snow for another month. Rejoice with me for my belated birthday snow. Horray!!

right now


Sorghastrum nutans from audubonofkansas.org

right now::

enjoying the last of the flowers for the year.

Wishing there wasn’t so much to do this week and that the weekend was here.

hoping the forecast of snow/rain mixture is untrue.

Trying to remember where this year has gone….. November 1st already? Whoa!

keeping the last of the pumpkins safe so they last until Thanksgiving festivities.

Contemplating where my life will head after graduation. Do you dive right in or save up?

working on something new for the blog. New pages dedicated to native grasses and flowers for use in the home. Now that I have tons of time after this semester is over, my time will be spent on my business. Finding new opportunities and educating myself and others.

Hoping that everyone has a great first day of November. Enjoy this nice weather while you can 🙂

Goodbye until next year

Saying so long to the dahlias for the year. The cold spell that is here/still coming would have ended them. So the process of putting them away for the winter began early this morning.

They were first washed thoroughly, removing any access dirt.

 Next divided.

 Then wrapped and bagged. The tub was then placed in the crawl space under the house where temperatures stay cool.

Next year there will be a lot of dahlias, given that not many of them are lost. Hopefully there were many photos of them to remember from the summer.