Long ago trip


Its been a while, yes I know. But, I just thought I would share about my trip a couple weeks ago to see Lucas….. and all the pretty flowers. It has been a weird spring and turning into a scorcher for a summer. All of the penstemon has long since gone and all that was blooming was cactus and prickly poppy.


  I did find some interesting sedge that could be used for cuts but never got a picture.

We did see some lizards, who were being friendly with one another.



But to end this post here are some other pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day flower friends.






just twiddling my thumbs

It seems these days I have been doing alot of that. Twiddling my thumbs that is. Do some homework, twiddle, read a book, twiddle, watch t.v., twiddle. Luckly there is something now to pass the time. I got a request a few weeks back to provide flower arrangements for an even this Saturday. With some planning and creative thinking on both ends, a decision was made. Roses galore!! Ok with some lilies too, now you know. The secret is out.

This afternoon has been spent putting together the “rose strings” and finally using my Christmas present from my parents. A pair of Corona floral snips. They are FANTASTIC! Super easy to use too.

Be prepared for some amazing photos of the event.


Trendy Flowers for Valentines Day

Valentines Day isn’t just for roses and babys breath. These trendy new and old flowers are making comebacks and becoming a new staple for Heart Day.

1. Lily

  • Send your loved one bright red lilies, white, or even pinks.
  • My favorite:::: Casablanca

2. Calla Lily

  • Comes in various colors from purple, pink, white, and even deep burgundies.
  • Fun Fact:: Calla Lily is actually not a lily. The scientific name is Zantedeschia aethipica.

3. Tulip

  • There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Red Tulips mean: a declaration of love
  • Yellow Tulips mean: hopelessly in love

4. Carnation

  • The Comeback KING!
  • Many new unique and vibrant colors

5. Alstroemeria

  • Comes in many beautiful colors from pale pinks to deep orange-red.
  • Resembles a lily.

right now


Sorghastrum nutans from audubonofkansas.org

right now::

enjoying the last of the flowers for the year.

Wishing there wasn’t so much to do this week and that the weekend was here.

hoping the forecast of snow/rain mixture is untrue.

Trying to remember where this year has gone….. November 1st already? Whoa!

keeping the last of the pumpkins safe so they last until Thanksgiving festivities.

Contemplating where my life will head after graduation. Do you dive right in or save up?

working on something new for the blog. New pages dedicated to native grasses and flowers for use in the home. Now that I have tons of time after this semester is over, my time will be spent on my business. Finding new opportunities and educating myself and others.

Hoping that everyone has a great first day of November. Enjoy this nice weather while you can 🙂

Flower Dress

I just couldn’t resist posting about this amazing website I found today:: Sayles Livingston Flowers ::
This site was full of beautiful wedding flowers and photos of weddings that she has done. Beautiful! Just simply beautiful! Oh yeah, did I mention that her work is beautiful? Check it out for yourself.
But, one thing I want to know how she does/if she does….is this–

Flower girl Dress from Sayles Livingston Flowers:: sayleslivingstonflowers.blogspot.com/

 Can you imagine hand sewing/glueing or whatever it is to get these delicate flowers to stay on this little dress? AMAZING! Never have I seen anything like this and would love to make an attempt at this someday. Who would like a flower girl dress drenched in flowers? Any takers? My grandmother was a seamstress so I am handy with a needle…..just saying.