A new hatered for all things seedlings

I never thought I would learn to hate trees. I’m not saying I do now, but GOD LOVE them tiny maple seedlings. Popping up in flower beds that were once ridden of the helicopter seeds.


The fact now that you have to pull them up or they will stay there forever makes this an even more daunting task. Grow trees grow, I always say but you dear maple trees growing in amongst the flowers at work you may forever rot away in the mulching bin.



An Artists Work

Everytime I post about this topic I feel so redundant. Snow, Cold, Icy, BRRRR!!!! But, there is no help for me. Winter is one of my favorite times of year. The Snow, the Cold, not the Icy, but oh the BRRR and sitting next to the fireplace. Maybe the reason why I treasure this time so much is because it does not come around so often. Who knows, let’s just say I LOVE WINTER!!!

Enough about my love for the ever lasting cold. On to the post for today. Last night a fog went through. Ok not a fog, a blanket of chill you to your bones, make the hairs in your nose freeze, coughing spill when you breathe, FOG. It was very unpleasant to be out and about last night. Haha…..out and about. The only out and about that I did was throw the trash in the dumpster. But, it made an impact on me (GO BACK INSIDE!!)

This morning however, everything I mean everything was white. Jack Frost and his gang made an appearance and wanted to be congratulated for their amazing work. Well congrats Sir, an amazing job well done!

Goodbye until next year

Saying so long to the dahlias for the year. The cold spell that is here/still coming would have ended them. So the process of putting them away for the winter began early this morning.

They were first washed thoroughly, removing any access dirt.

 Next divided.

 Then wrapped and bagged. The tub was then placed in the crawl space under the house where temperatures stay cool.

Next year there will be a lot of dahlias, given that not many of them are lost. Hopefully there were many photos of them to remember from the summer.

A jump on the cold

To get a jump start ahead of this cold spell that is forcasted to arrive today, tonight, and the rest of this week Dad and I dug up my dahlias and tuberose. Some may have been dug a little to soon but it is better than them turning into a mushy ball of goo within the next two weeks.

The tuberose now needs to be dried and divided. Then off the storage.  

The dahlias need to be washed, dried, divided, sorted, and then stored.

For now they sit in the cool garage where they will become my top priority tomorrow morning. If anyone has suggestions on storing dahlias, let me know. Right now I’m searching through my books for the best storage techniques. Have a wonderful Monday!


After a weekend of driving and spending time with Lucas, I came home yesterday to find that my tuberose was blooming….

Can’t you imagine a late July/early August wedding full of sweet smelling tuberose blooms? Yum!! I was surprised that these delicate beauties bloomed after what all the rest of the flowers went through this summer. Next year there will be tons of tuberose to share 🙂 I cant wait!