Could we call this my new flower bible?

Finally! My copy of the 50 Mile Bouquet has finally arrived and is sitting on my night stand. I wish that I could start reading right now, but college is winding down and that means presentations and exams are due. Dang it! Two more weeks….you can DO IT!!

The reviews I have heard already are inspiring enough. “I’m already through the introduction I started crying.”

Flowers are really that moving people. Why wouldn’t you want to have a local bouquet of flowers? Those roses in the supermarket have zero scent compared to a bunch cut from a local producer.Weddings…. fresh and local! Need I say more?

If you haven’t already I would suggest buying, borrowing, checking-out, anything to get your hands on this book. I’m sure it is truly amazing!


Hi Everyone! These past two months have been extremely busy, what with trying to find a job and finishing school. The pressure of the real world is starting to hit and sink in. Not too coll in my book, but hey we all have to grow-up sometime.

A lot has been happening with Prairieland, many offers to grow-cancellations-and possible additional weddings. One thing is certain: make sure that contracts are signed before any consultations begin. Mistake #1 of the business venturing that shall not be made again. My wonderfully awesome advisor has asked me to grow flowers for his business. What an amazing opportunity to be able to jump right into growing after graduation. Details are being hashed out as we speak. My family is amazing and keeps recommending me to all of their friends who are getting married. Love, Love, LOVE! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve started a new job, well last March I did. Organic certification intern! What another great opportunity to experience before growing. Now if there is any question as to growing certified organic or conventional I will be all up to speed on the regulations.

If you are needing a pick me up from the Friday the 13th lull, check out Poppytalk.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Well this past weekend was spent in Lincoln, due to the snow that blew through. Boring as it was, I actually got something done. Amazingly. Tiff and I watched movies, did some baking, watched some more movies, watched it snow. While it was all fun I’m glad that it is finally over and I can leave the apt. This next weekend I’m doing an event with some awesome Uncles of mine. Stay tuned for pics.

Trendy Flowers for Valentines Day

Valentines Day isn’t just for roses and babys breath. These trendy new and old flowers are making comebacks and becoming a new staple for Heart Day.

1. Lily

  • Send your loved one bright red lilies, white, or even pinks.
  • My favorite:::: Casablanca

2. Calla Lily

  • Comes in various colors from purple, pink, white, and even deep burgundies.
  • Fun Fact:: Calla Lily is actually not a lily. The scientific name is Zantedeschia aethipica.

3. Tulip

  • There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Red Tulips mean: a declaration of love
  • Yellow Tulips mean: hopelessly in love

4. Carnation

  • The Comeback KING!
  • Many new unique and vibrant colors

5. Alstroemeria

  • Comes in many beautiful colors from pale pinks to deep orange-red.
  • Resembles a lily.

So long nice weather…..


Well that nice weather that we have been having….. Sayonara! Maybe some other day you will return to us. With that “major storm” blowing in this weekend many of us are preparing for the worst. Sounds like a weekend in Lincoln.

There has been alot going on around here lately with number one being…….GRADUATION! Already I’m getting letters in the mail about invitations. Fancy shmancy ones and such. WHY?! Haven’t I already done this once? I’m totally fine with just the diploma. Frame it, Hang it, DONE!

Alot of business planning going on too. Wedding details being finalized and a possible foral design workshop. Oooooo…..yes! Check out my facebook page to vote on the topic. Now just waiting to determine the final resting place of the farm. Ok Lucas “flower ranch”, where you can wrangle up some flowers. I don’t know why but it seems to stick.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful week and stays safe this weekend!