A Hunting We Will Go….

It happened. Yes, the inevitable. I went on a hunt. Not those hunts you pretend to have when you are a child, looking for those shiny rocks and ancient artifacts (out in the wind break). This was for real. Lucas has been asking me ever since we started dating, which seems like forever ago…OK only 3 1/2 years but who is counting ;). But, he has been asking me every winter or so to come up to his place to go and shoot a deer. Have I said that hunting is not my thing? Well it really isn’t. With not much pleading and persuading I went.

All I was thinking was that it would be super boring (which it was most of the time). Lots…. I mean alot of sleeping happened. So much that I dreamed I fell out of the chair, which made me physically jump out of my chair and startled Lucas. Sorry about that.

There was actually alittle bit of excitement that happened. We put up the new blind and disguised it some more.

Can’t even tell it is there.

A friendly little squirrel decided to chatter all day long. Providing bits of entertainment throughout the afternoon.

The next day Lucas put out this deer attractant (I don’t remember what it was exactly). All I know is pictures through the mesh of the deer blind do not turn out very good. Remember that for next time.

We did however see some deer, if you look close you can see her in the middle. No shooters though (as Lucas calls them). I am hoping however that he does get his deer soon. Maybe next year I will go with him again……only to watch and take pictures though.


~ right now ~

right now::

Wondering what to do with the raspberries I picked this weekend. Cheesecake??

Enjoying the last blooms of ‘Mystic Mermaid’ purchased from here during the Horticulture Clubs Fall Trip.

Hoping that the rumors of 30 degree nights in the next two days are false.

Grading papers….

Putting off crocheting and doing some much needed homework instead.

Wishing I was here right now instead of doing that much needed homework.

Watching our new friend Ginger the neighborhood rabbit make her rounds throughout the backyard.

Vigilant Watcher

When working on the farm today, there was a feeling that someone/something was watching you.  Weird in itself that you were being watched you just ignored that feeling and went on with you business. After some hours of pulling weeds, fixing fence boards, and moving the hog crate from the truck I spied my little creeper. It was none other than one of the newest members of our cat family: Little Calico Kitty.


She is just like her mother: Mamma Kitty. Sitting around just keeping watch over everyone. Even while I post this she sits and watches me. Little Calico even walked across my keyboard to leave you all this message:


n fc     dddbddddddd