Hi Everyone! These past two months have been extremely busy, what with trying to find a job and finishing school. The pressure of the real world is starting to hit and sink in. Not too coll in my book, but hey we all have to grow-up sometime.

A lot has been happening with Prairieland, many offers to grow-cancellations-and possible additional weddings. One thing is certain: make sure that contracts are signed before any consultations begin. Mistake #1 of the business venturing that shall not be made again. My wonderfully awesome advisor has asked me to grow flowers for his business. What an amazing opportunity to be able to jump right into growing after graduation. Details are being hashed out as we speak. My family is amazing and keeps recommending me to all of their friends who are getting married. Love, Love, LOVE! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve started a new job, well last March I did. Organic certification intern! What another great opportunity to experience before growing. Now if there is any question as to growing certified organic or conventional I will be all up to speed on the regulations.

If you are needing a pick me up from the Friday the 13th lull, check out Poppytalk.

Have a wonderful weekend!



just twiddling my thumbs

It seems these days I have been doing alot of that. Twiddling my thumbs that is. Do some homework, twiddle, read a book, twiddle, watch t.v., twiddle. Luckly there is something now to pass the time. I got a request a few weeks back to provide flower arrangements for an even this Saturday. With some planning and creative thinking on both ends, a decision was made. Roses galore!! Ok with some lilies too, now you know. The secret is out.

This afternoon has been spent putting together the “rose strings” and finally using my Christmas present from my parents. A pair of Corona floral snips. They are FANTASTIC! Super easy to use too.

Be prepared for some amazing photos of the event.


right now::

This has been my life the last couple of days. Researching color combos, textures, plant types…..the list goes on and on!! All for Agribusiness Finance. It’s not like I shouldn’t be researching more on my own anyways but this gives me a chance to have a deadline on certain things. It helps me see how much money I really do need to start Prairieland Flowers on a scale that will be profitable. To be able to work at home with flowers everyday would be awesome! But, to have enough money, without a loan, to begin will be a challenge. So, after this assignment is over I am making myself a new one. Research different types of funding that can be applied for. There is a lot of funding out there it just comes down to choosing the one that is right for you.

Busy Bee


Lately I’ve felt as if life is moving too fast. Making laps around me sometimes laughing and pointing every time a moment passes by. There is so much to do this week and seems as if there is not enough time in the day to accomplish it all. Yes there is school, work, and extra curricular but I’m also trying to get my name out there and bring in more business. Somethings could just fall into my lap and present themselves but it just doesn’t work that way I guess.

So, with where things are at now it seems that I will have to rely on word of mouth and some Facebook to get my name out there. So, for all of you flower lovers, family and friends look for a new Facebook page, which is still in the works.

Wayne & Michelle:: July 9th, 2011

The first time I met Michelle was in highschool during our end of the school year volleyball meeting. She was new to the school and super fun. Her and I have been friends throughout highschool and have grown closer as friends through college. So when she asked me to make her bouquet for her wedding I had to say yes!

One request she had was to model her bouquet after her grandmother’s. After attending the wedding and listening to comments I believe I nailed it.

Included in this bouquet are: Black Magic Roses, White Atlantis Daisy Mums, English Ivy, and Queen Anne’s Lace.