Bridal Inspiration:: A Day of Love

As much as I love Valentine’s Day, choosing flowers for a heart day themed wedding can become a task within itself. For one thing you can go WAY over the top with hearts, red, pink, glitter, and that all over mushy gushy L-O-V-E. You could also lay low and just stick with a bunch of red roses and call it good. Whatever your heart desires your wedding day will be the most spectacular display of love.

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 These topiaries are my favorite.


Bridal Inspiration:: Roses are Red

Get ready for a red carpet….. of flowers that is. The most commonly used flower is the red rose so why not have it for your wedding. It’s classy, sultry, timeless and could be the perfect piece for your wedding day.

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Bridal Inspiration:: Winter Blue

There are many colors to choose from for a winter wedding. Green, red, purple, brown, white. I would say that my favorite color to use for a winter wedding is…… BLUE. There are so many shades robins egg, navy, blue ice, turquoise, powder blue and the list goes on and on. Many colors also go well with blue but brown I would say is the best especially for winter. Use twigs and acorns to mix into your decor to add a whimsical feel. To add a touch of elegance spray paint them white  and use some glitter. Glitter makes everything pretty.

These twigs are used for place cards. You could also make a special message tree where guests can write the bride and groom something and hang it on the tree. 

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Use blue Christmas decorations to add sparkle to your table arrangements. You can even include pinecones, either plain or spray painted.

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Bridal Inspiration:: Snowy White

When the snow is falling and wind is blowing, magical moments can happen. The white dress, white lacy veil, and flowers add to the moment. The soft white snow only adds to your beautiful day, so be inspired by the beauty that is around you.

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Winter Bouquet from

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Bridal Inspiration:: Woodland

For most brides an outdoor wedding can be simple or extravagant. I love simple weddings, especially outdoors. Using the materials that are surrounding you and your wedding site make the job easier and makes your decor look natural.
Using picnic tables can be an easy yet fun way to seat your guests.

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This is not flowers, I know, but I saw the cake and was amazed at the detail of it. Way cool! 

Cake from

 Not all bouquets need to be forest inspired, filled with moss and pine cones. Your bouquet can be anything you want for a woodland wedding. I especially love using fresh picked wildflowers.

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Bridal Inspiration:: Purple Frenzy

Purple seems to be a go-to color for wedding flowers. Alot of brides use shades of purple, maybe a few or even just purple everywhere. Any hue of purple goes well together and with about any color on the wheel. When choosing your flowers have fun, mix the hues with different textures and each other. Imagine your purple wedding flowers as something magical. Enjoy!

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Purple Bridal Bouquet

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