Hi Everyone! These past two months have been extremely busy, what with trying to find a job and finishing school. The pressure of the real world is starting to hit and sink in. Not too coll in my book, but hey we all have to grow-up sometime.

A lot has been happening with Prairieland, many offers to grow-cancellations-and possible additional weddings. One thing is certain: make sure that contracts are signed before any consultations begin. Mistake #1 of the business venturing that shall not be made again. My wonderfully awesome advisor has asked me to grow flowers for his business. What an amazing opportunity to be able to jump right into growing after graduation. Details are being hashed out as we speak. My family is amazing and keeps recommending me to all of their friends who are getting married. Love, Love, LOVE! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve started a new job, well last March I did. Organic certification intern! What another great opportunity to experience before growing. Now if there is any question as to growing certified organic or conventional I will be all up to speed on the regulations.

If you are needing a pick me up from the Friday the 13th lull, check out Poppytalk.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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