So long nice weather…..


Well that nice weather that we have been having….. Sayonara! Maybe some other day you will return to us. With that “major storm” blowing in this weekend many of us are preparing for the worst. Sounds like a weekend in Lincoln.

There has been alot going on around here lately with number one being…….GRADUATION! Already I’m getting letters in the mail about invitations. Fancy shmancy ones and such. WHY?! Haven’t I already done this once? I’m totally fine with just the diploma. Frame it, Hang it, DONE!

Alot of business planning going on too. Wedding details being finalized and a possible foral design workshop. Oooooo…..yes! Check out my facebook page to vote on the topic. Now just waiting to determine the final resting place of the farm. Ok Lucas “flower ranch”, where you can wrangle up some flowers. I don’t know why but it seems to stick.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful week and stays safe this weekend!


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