not my cup of tea……

It seems every year I try to do it. The resolution thing. Make up things that I wish to accomplish all throughout the year and then breaking them that very first week. This post was intended for January 1st but I just never got around to it. Terrible, yes I know! But, here it is my “12 Goals for 2012”. Let’s see how many get accomplished.

12 goals of 2012

1. Finish school. Yes, that is number one on the list but, hey you got to start somewhere.

2. Getting back to running everyday. Sitting on my butt all morning gets pretty boring.

3. Complete a crochet project that has been sitting in my basket for three years.

4. Begin writing a novel. No not that short story I wrote as a twelve year old about the princess and the lady bug….. or a butterfly? If only I could find that again.

5. Read a book! No textbooks for courses though, actual books that are from a library. Dusty, smell back of the shelves library book.

6. Compile a “History” recipe book. All of my mom’s, Nanny’s, and Grandma Heine’s recipes all in one book. No more searching through those old recipe books for just one card. What a treat it will be to go through all of those.

7. Cut down on watching television. This will more than likely be the first one that will never be accomplished. So, let’s revise it to cut down on watching television to watching television only for news in the morning and then after 5:00 p.m.

8. Become a more loving person. Yes, I am loving but I need to become more philanthropic. After reading this lovely ladies blog last night nothing could have inspired me more. What a great way to share your talent and enrich others lives.

9. Find a job!!! Applications, resumes, and cover letters are sent but there is not set-in-stone-job. Why did the universe have to create students loans? Dang it!

10. Go to church more than evey once in a while.

11. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. What a great goal 🙂

12. And lastly, become more intouch with my inner self. I’m thinking YOGA…..any thoughts?


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