right now::

right now::

Officially Christmas break has begun! Only last week I was studying my little behind off for finals. Pheewww…..boy am I glad that is over. No more finals until May.

Beyond excited that next semester there are only six…..6…… credit hours to take. Holy Moly!! I’m almost done. Then the real work begins on Prairieland Flowers. Did I mention that I was excited???

Loving the poinsettias that I bought from the UNL-Horticulture Club. Haven’t bought one before? You should next year, they are amazing.

Paging through cook books for those old Christmas recipies. Salted Peanut Rolls. Chex Mix/Pretzel/Peanut thing. Sugar Cookies. Grandma Heine’s Sugar Cookies.

Admiring the decorations that I put up. I decided to snap some photos this morning. The cloud cover is just enough to leave the lights on all day.

Praying that everyone in Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Oklahoma and Texas stay safe during the snow storm that will be going through these next couple of days.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday!


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