Bridal Inspiration:: Winter Blue

There are many colors to choose from for a winter wedding. Green, red, purple, brown, white. I would say that my favorite color to use for a winter wedding is…… BLUE. There are so many shades robins egg, navy, blue ice, turquoise, powder blue and the list goes on and on. Many colors also go well with blue but brown I would say is the best especially for winter. Use twigs and acorns to mix into your decor to add a whimsical feel. To add a touch of elegance spray paint them white  and use some glitter. Glitter makes everything pretty.

These twigs are used for place cards. You could also make a special message tree where guests can write the bride and groom something and hang it on the tree. 

Winter tree from Winter Bouquet from


Table Decor from

Use blue Christmas decorations to add sparkle to your table arrangements. You can even include pinecones, either plain or spray painted.

Winter Bouquet from


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