An Artists Work

Everytime I post about this topic I feel so redundant. Snow, Cold, Icy, BRRRR!!!! But, there is no help for me. Winter is one of my favorite times of year. The Snow, the Cold, not the Icy, but oh the BRRR and sitting next to the fireplace. Maybe the reason why I treasure this time so much is because it does not come around so often. Who knows, let’s just say I LOVE WINTER!!!

Enough about my love for the ever lasting cold. On to the post for today. Last night a fog went through. Ok not a fog, a blanket of chill you to your bones, make the hairs in your nose freeze, coughing spill when you breathe, FOG. It was very unpleasant to be out and about last night. Haha…..out and about. The only out and about that I did was throw the trash in the dumpster. But, it made an impact on me (GO BACK INSIDE!!)

This morning however, everything I mean everything was white. Jack Frost and his gang made an appearance and wanted to be congratulated for their amazing work. Well congrats Sir, an amazing job well done!


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