Thanksgiving weekend

The time flew by as family got together for a weekend filled of laughter, Turkey eating, fits (of joy!), more laughter, Christmas lights, left overs, and many goodbyes. It always seems to go by to fast. But, sometimes time went slow. For the past few years my mom has been trying to find the perfect date for our now growing family’s Thanksgiving day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This year it was Thanksgiving Day. For the first year, she let my sister and I help her. 23 years old and I finally got to help. YAY!!! It’s not like I have never helped before, setting the table, veggies for relish plate, drinks, and making pies. But, I guess making oreo fluff and apple snicker salad is added to the list. Boy I can’t wait to make turkey and ham. Mmmmmm… good. Maybe next year (wishful thinking).


With that said Thanksgiving break was a time well spent. Even though we now all have to get back to work and school, the memories and times spent with family will be cherished. The good thing that break is over means only one thing….. Christmas is almost here.


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