Bridal Inspiration:: Introduction

There comes a time when searching for that right combination of flower combinations, textures, and colors just doesn’t come to you. Search engines lead you to a place unknown or even somewhere so far away that it takes ages to return to that bridal sanity. Bridal sanity….filled with easy decisions and magical wands making the unimaginable happen.

So why not search here?

Let’s say you are a summer time, beach going, yacht loving, Nebraskan. Your having you wedding here but want to incorporate that yacht  feeling. Check out these ideas for a Nautical Theme.

Nautical Bouquet from brides.comNautical Table Scape from

Nautical Bouquet from

 At the first of every month a new theme will be introduced, whether it be fall, winder wonderland, or tropical bliss. There will be picture sources and tons of new ideas for brides everywhere. Also keeping with the theme of “prairie”, since we are Prairieland Flowers, keep a lookout for special themes featuring native Nebraska plants.

Brides:: Keep Prairieland Flowers in mind when searching for your perfect floral designer. There will be more news to come!


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