Old and New Digs

Well, another school year has begun. New classes, new books, freshmen roaming the campuses in search of classes, and late nights of studying. I’ll admit it I shouldn’t be here this year, I should have been gone last May, but there is always more to learn. There are new opportunities to be had and experiences to go through. This semester shall be easy but with loads of things to accomplish. Already my planner is full and the semester has just started. I am very excited about my courses: Plant Pathology, Herbaceous Plant Identification, and Agribusiness Finance (there are two others but, are boring courses not worth mentioning). Each of these will help guide me through beginning my business and benefit me even after I start.

After going through a few obstacles this past summer, a decision was made to move off campus and live with my little sister. Different than living in the dorms, apartment life has its ups and downs. Quiteness and eating your own cooking is great but cleaning up after yourself….SIGH. Thats alright though its all a part of growing up and being on your own. Oh yes, I do need to clean up especially since I was left this message from my Dad Monday night 🙂

Yes, Dad did spell his own “name” incorrectly.


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