Infectious Phone

My cell phone is becoming evil to me. Yes, my cell phone. I’m too emotionally attached to it. Imagine that (insert eye roll)! Making phone calls on it for about an hour every night could be part of my problem. But, apparently it is just the fact that I have been charging it in my room. My Dad has been telling me this for a very long time, “Don’t charge your phone in your room it causes problems”. Ya right Dad, was all I thought. Totally thought he was full of it, like normal, never actually giving it a real thought.

Last week I finally got fed up with my head-cold I’ve had since December and decided to do something about it. My brother and Dad have been going to the chiropractor and recommended that I make an appointment. After going the first time, she told me that my phone is causing me chemical imbalances in my body and that I defiantly have a bacterial infection. Horray for infections but cell phone problems again?? He was right 🙂

So now to help with my bacterial infection, I have some herbal pills and a six-week, twice a week, schedule to keep. Just to get my body back to normal. Her last comment to me was, “Melissa, for you being at this stage of your life and at 22 years, your body should not be in the shape that it is”. Well now we shall see how I feel in the next six weeks, hopefully the head-cold just goes away.


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