dry soil

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pitter pattering on my window. Thinking great no work out in the garden today, I began cleaning the house. Halfway through vacuming the floors the rain stops and the clouds begin to thin out to allow for just the tiniest bit of sun to peak out. Horray, come on soil dry quickly so I can get some things planted. Thank goodness for that little bit of dry time. In about three hours I had gotten my dahilas, tuberose, and 150 gladiolus planted. Doesn’t seems like alot to me when compared to what other growers do but for now this will tied me over.

After I had finished I had this urge to take some more pictures of plants. Imagine that. Everything here on the farm is either blooming or growing their way towards it.

Here the strawberry blooms are up above the timber box, cant wait until its time to pick them all (maybe eat a few while picking too).

The peonies are almost to marshmallow stage (mushy buds….perfect for cutting).


 My mom planted this little hibiscus years ago and this year it has the most blooms on it I have ever seen…..



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