Off the beaten path

Ok I’ll admit it….. I have done absolutely nothing with my flowers lately. All of my focus has been primarily on getting my house all nice and neat for my little sisters graduation. Clean, clean, clean, paint, paint, paint. UGH!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m doing so much for alot of nothin. Well there will be the satisfaction of getting something done and having it look nice.

Monday and Tuesday were cookers, temperatures of 98° and 100°. It’s May for goodness sake. I even got my first sunburn of the year, Mr. Sunscreen was not my friend. Now the temperatures are back to normal and thunderstorms and popping up in the afternoon sun. We had one roll through York County and the surrounding area which sent down tornadoes around the country side. There was one that was just miles away from our home and from my sisters home….scary stuff.

Regardless of all of the excietment that has happened in these past few days, there is still time to admire the beauty of the remaining tulips in the beds.


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