Baby Sunflowers

I planted my sunflowers last week Thursday, came back on Monday morning to go to class and this is what I came back to….

So then I went back home on Monday leaving my little babies under my desk light and came back to these….

It’s amazing how much they can grow in a couple days. In the week that they have been in the starting trays they have grown five inches! Though they will need to get out in the field soon, they will just have to sit and wait until it dries out enough to work the ground. And…..for me to finish with this semester of school. Only thirteen days left until my last final is over and I can begin moving out of the dorms. I know that my plants will be happy to go back home, hang out outside on the deck in the warm sunshine and breezes, and stretch their little green leaves.

Oh and good news! I bought my first large investment for Prairieland Flowers…… a greenhouse!!!! It was my uncle’s and got it for a fair price. Pictures to come soon 🙂


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