Something New

I am now back to my natural hair color, well kind of. My roots are super dark but then my hair always goes blonde. The blonde matches me perfectly. 🙂 But, now I’m back to brunette. Defiantly needed a change. We will see how well this works out since the sun always loves to bleach my hair.

That took care of most of my morning. While I woke up early enough to get my hair done, I did get woken up by a wonderful spring-time thunderstorm. It was amazing! I could rant and rave about how much I love them but, I’m sure that would bore people.

This weekend I am heading home to start getting things ready for my little sisters graduation.  Check out these pictures I took for her informal invites….

Tiffany with her cat Dingus

This one was my favorite!

Cleaning out flower beds, finish trimming shrubs, helping my dad put finishing touches on the house, and planting my sweet peas!! I pray that it doesn’t rain too much otherwise I will have a giant mud pond to plant in.


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