Sweet Smells

This week so far has turned out to be gloomy and rainy…. makes me want spring to be here now. But, I can wait. So I just noticed that my last post, with the radar clip, keeps cycling through. Oopps!!! It made me laugh when I saw that, I guess next time I should take a still picture of the radar rather than copy/paste it in.

I have decided that every week I am going to try to post links for you all to look at. They may be about flowers, gardening, or just random things that I find interesting. So, here we go week one of links….Enjoy!!!

10 Flower Arranging Tips

These early spring blooms bring hope to patients…. 

The cutest thing ever!!!!

A little DISCOVERY for cut roses

The prettiest late bloomer….

The most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen (defiantly want to grow these for myself)

 My friend Melinda is in the floral design class here on campus and brought back two large bunches of leftover flowers. Sometimes I wish I would have failed that class just so I would have to take it over again….. oh how I miss the smell of flowers. But, now I have some to sweeten up my room, thanks to Mel!!!




Pompon Chrysanthemum

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