Lucas is down here for the weekend….a week late but that’s ok. Held up by the ice/snow storm that blew over north-central Nebraska last week. He surprised me, showing up a day early, got here Thursday night. A four hour drive to Lincoln from his place is tiring, so I left him to chill in my room ’till I got done with my Mechanized Systems quiz. When I got back from my quiz, we went out for a date (our normal drive thru/bring it back to my room and watch Sports Center date). Ohhhh I love those types of dates!!!

He also brought me a magazine that he got:

 Farmer Seed and Nursery

Not quite sure how he gets these great finds but, it works for me!

He left this morning to head back home. I had volleyball games to coach so it worked out alright.

Another great surprise:

The Snapdragons are emerging!!!!



And outside my window, across the street…..



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