Deceitful Days

Today is another day that is scheduled to be in the lower 50s. While that is exciting we all know what will happen next. Below freezing temperatures and…..SNOW. It will only last for a few days, then temperatures will climb back up to the upper 40s and stay there. But, why must Mother Nautre toy with our minds. She must really love messing with us….

Last night I decided to check out when the Lincoln Haymarket Farmers’ Market was. Just because I was curious, I contacted my uncles about whether or not this would be worth my while.

Responses filled with “OMG!” and “Flowers are a big thing there” got me thinking, should I drive that hour to Lincoln every Saturday?

I have a van (yes the green Mystery Machine 🙂 ) that will do just fine. Actually right now it has no use, it just sits in the shop waiting to be taken out for a spin. The only main thing to worry about is gas and to make sure I actually have a product to sell.

I may have to talk to my dad and see what he thinks, but I’m sure it will be a go for the Haymarket this year.


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