Petals of the Past

Beautiful red roses sitting on your desk. Mementos of Valentine’s Day slowly drinking up the water in the vase. But, what do you do with them? Should you leave them in the vase to wither and die?


Dry them and keep them forever.

Here are a few tips on drying your Valentine’s Day bouquet…..

  1. Remove any excess foliage on your flower and trim to a desired length, but not shorter than six inches.
  2. Use a rubber band or string to tie bunches of stems together.
  3. Place in a dark, dry area that has good air circulation (closet, basement)
  4. Use a wire hanger to tie your bouquet to.
  5. Place your bouquet upside down when tieing to the hanger.
  6. Let your flowers dry for two to three weeks; make sure they are thoroughly dry.
  7. After dried, spray with hairspray (an old trick for protection)

For more delicate plants, such as lilies, pressing them in between two books is the best method for preserving.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day!


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