Truly Inspirational

How many of you have watched the Disney movie Remember the Titans? Did you know that it was based off of a true story? How many of you love this movie because it is about football? Or is it just inspirational for you?

Last night February 9, 2011 the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosted Coach Herman Boone, the inspirational football coach of that 1971 T.C. Williams High School football team. Coach Boone spoke about the movie and how he molded his young men into, not just football players, but better men/gentlemen in general. He spoke of Dr. Martin Luther King and how he inspired everyone, including Coach Boone, to become a better person. Coach Boone’s stories were truly inspirational about how he became who he is today. He definatly has inspired me to become a better person, in the way I see people, and how we as a society should look past our differences and work together to make this world a better place.

Check out the Official 1971 Original Titans Website to see what the real ’71 Titans football team is doing today.

 And just so everyone is clear, Coach Boone said ….. “Sunshine did not kiss Gary, that was just in the movie.”

Happy Thursday!


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