Buy or create?

I have been going over this in my mind. What type of floral cooler will I need? This thought just makes me think of all that money that I do not have. I wont be officially starting my business for a couple of years yet, since I still need to finish with my degree.

 But, I would love to start growing, purchasing items I will need, and seeing how people react to fresh cut flowers. After having a talk with my mom last night, I started looking through the Midwest Messenger website for auctions.  Low and behold, I found one. A flower shop in northern Nebraska that is going out of business. I called them to see what the condition was of their products…….good/great working condition/used….. I’m hoping that they are of this quality.

But, would this be a good investment?

Or…..should I make my own walk in cooler for now?

I can convert an air conditioner with this device to allow a room to get down to 34°F.

Since I am still living with my parents though, maybe it would be best to store my flowers in the cold basement. Then when I get enough money saved up buy a cooler.

Let me know what you think!


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