Roses, Chocolate, Bling……that special day is approaching

Valentine’s Day 

A day filled of love, chocolate, tons of flowers, and more chocolate! I said chocolate twice since this is the only time I will eat an over abundance of it. It is also a great day for the floral industry!  Did any of you watch the Teleflora Super Bowl Ad with Faith Hill? Pretty sure his girlfriend might break up with him. But, isn’t technology great!! Just type in your special message and it will be delivered with your flowers.

Good Morning America put four national florists on the line this morning. It is surprising how the least expensive roses look the best after a week.

But, just where are you purchasing those luscious red roses this year? If you are ordering through your local florists ask if they have discounts/coupons. Also ask to pick them up yourself…..NO delivery cost and now you can hand deliver your flowers to that person you love. What a treat for them!

If ordering online just ask yourself, how much are online florists cashing in on your purchase? Very interesting……

Need a little sparkle in the bedroom… some flowers for your significant other.

If you have a creative side check out this DIY chocolate rose!

But for those of you who are not into Valentine’s Day…..maybe just a card will do.

Happy Tuesday!!


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