And the groundhog says….

Spring is near!!! Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, did not see his shadow today, which means spring is almost here!! Time to really start planning your gardens now. Time to fix equipment that has been sitting in the shed over winter. Pull out the rakes, spades, and clippers…..give them a good shining. Fix the drip tape that has numerous holes in it from little varmints. Even begin seeding in your greenhouse to get your plants out early.

If your like me though, I’m just starting out, and do not have anything yet.

My list includes:

  1. Build a hoophouse
  2. Buy drip tape
  3. Order seeds
  4. Plugs?
  5. Bulbs?

My dad already told me I can use their rotatiller and other equipment (I would just have to help out more around the farm). That’s no big deal!

I have been researching different types of hoop houses, which are fairly simple to build, and I just hope I have enough money to build one. Maybe even two!


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