Snow is blowing….is Spring near?

Nebraska weather can be so unpredictable sometimes. Just the other day it was near 50 degrees! I wore a sweatshirt that day, instead of a coat. Today you wouldn’t be outside in just a sweatshirt. With half of Nebraska in some sort of windchill advisory or warning, you wonder….Will spring ever be here?

I sit here and ponder about what type of flowers I want to grow this summer while the winds are howling outside my dorm window. My mom has peonies, snowball verbena, lilac, spirea, rudebekia, iris, tulips (from the White Flower Farm!!), allium, and a wide variety of other flowers. All of which I am hoping to harvest and sell……..Don’t worry though Mom, I will leave some for you too! Along with other annuals that will be started in the field when the ground is ready to be worked. Just thinking about spring and summer warms me up after troding to class in this cold weather. Sitting at my desk drinking steaming hot coffee while looking through websites and magazines gets me in the planting mood. Spring is just around the corner…..I can feel it!


~These pictures were taken last summer~


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