This winter my dad got us some chickens from one of the guys from where he works. Honestly I cant remember the breed, but they are beautiful birds. The last time we had chickens on our farm was when I was about 9. Regular white laying hens and a rooster. I never liked them. Always pecking at my legs and feet, but now that I have matured some I don’t mind them at all. This past Tuesday, my dad called me and said they had started laying. AWESOME!!! Fresh home-raised chicken eggs are the best. No matter what anyone says. Right now we only have a few eggs, but hopefully soon we will have enough to make cookies, eggs for breakfast, and a whole bunch of things (in one day). This morning I went out and fed the animals and gathered eggs, in only a sweatshirt.

The chickys were not in a good mood, but there will be pictures of them soon. Spring I feel is just around the corner. Just waiting for Mr. Groundhog to not see his shadow!


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