Ode to the night of NO SLEEP

Oh dear night, why must you keep me awake? I realize I have homework to do, but why can’t I do it tomorrow? There are way to many things on my mind at the moment. But there calls the remote right beside me. Turn on the t.v., that will help you fall to sleep! Why the Golden Girls are on, my favorite show to watch when I need a good laugh. Sophia with her wisdom, which usually starts with “Picture it, Sicily 19…..”, then followed by a story that usually has nothing to do with what needs to be taken care. But somehow you can always find a meaning out of it anyway. Dorothy, full of common sense, knows just what to say to let you know that it will be alright. Rose….what can I say about Rose. Her blonde antics just bring a smile to my face.  You don’t even need to listen to her to know what is going to come out of her mouth next.  Somehow Rose reminds me of myself somedays…..I wonder why? And then there is Blanche…. what is there to say about Blanche? Just that she likes to pretend she is 40 years old and loves the company of men of any age.

Somehow these aged women bring some sense of comfort to my wandering mind and helps me drift off into slumber land. I pray that these women will be on television every night, so that I can have a great nights sleep and have a good laugh while getting there.

Happy Dreams!


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