My mail box consists of…..

Ever since I got back from Christmas break my mail box has been stuffed full of random seed and bulb catalogues. Lucky for me that is just the type of reading material I love to pick up when my homework becomes stressful. Not that I don’t love a good ol’ classical novel, like Gone With The Wind (my favorite book/movie)!

 Just trying to find the right type of flowers that I want to grow for my “experimental years” before I actually start my business is overwhelming in itself. There’s so many things to consider.Where to grow. What to grow. Where do I sell. The weather. Coolers. Start up costs. I already have my parents garden that I can use, more like a quarter of it, but that is no loss to them since their garden is large in itself.

 After writing a business plan about cut flower production I have seen what it will take to begin and keep a business like this running. And let me tell you, it will be no walk in the park. Defiantly need to save my money! I guess no more Starbucks for me once a month……


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