Bridal Inspiration:: Tropical Getaway

For those of you who are lucky enough to fly off to a tropical oasis this is for you. I envy you, being able to whisk away and be married in peace. The insanity of it all can get overwhelming and warm breezes and ocean would be just the ticket.

Even if you are not getting married in a tropical paradise you can incorporate a little bit of paradise into your wedding. Check out these lovely bouquets filled with vibrant bright colors.


Bouquet from



~mindful monday~

Rose in primrose background

Focus on the beauty of the past and present.


mind.ful = conscious or aware of something

Something that speaks to your heart and leaves you feeling beautifully grounded right where you are.  Head on over to Gypsy Forest to view other ~mindful monday~ posts.

Bridal Inspiration:: Rustic Modern

It seems that the biggest theme component for the 2012 wedding season is RUSTIC. Just throw in some of your mom’s old mason jars, burlap, and wildflowers and you’re set for a good ol’ shindig.
But, to make it more memorable add in a bit of modern flare. Doesn’t have to be overly expensive decor or designer dresses. Don’t get me wrong designer dresses…… ahhh open the gates to heaven. But, their price tags make me sad.
I love the idea of spray painting antlers, white preferably, to add a modern flare. Or using some callas, roses, lisianthus or ranunculus to spice up the flowers.
Birch bark is another great add to your decor. Wrap you vases in them for a rustic charm. The list could go on and on.

For now feast your eyes on these ideas. Love, love, love the cake idea…. just saying

Centerpiece from

Bridal Bouquet from modern

Table scape from

Cake from

Table scape from

Long ago trip


Its been a while, yes I know. But, I just thought I would share about my trip a couple weeks ago to see Lucas….. and all the pretty flowers. It has been a weird spring and turning into a scorcher for a summer. All of the penstemon has long since gone and all that was blooming was cactus and prickly poppy.


  I did find some interesting sedge that could be used for cuts but never got a picture.

We did see some lizards, who were being friendly with one another.



But to end this post here are some other pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day flower friends.





A new hatered for all things seedlings

I never thought I would learn to hate trees. I’m not saying I do now, but GOD LOVE them tiny maple seedlings. Popping up in flower beds that were once ridden of the helicopter seeds.


The fact now that you have to pull them up or they will stay there forever makes this an even more daunting task. Grow trees grow, I always say but you dear maple trees growing in amongst the flowers at work you may forever rot away in the mulching bin.


Bridal Inspiration:: Lovely Lavender

I have always wanted to do a wedding with lavender, not just the color itself but the actual flower. Lavender is a short lived annual or a herbaceous perennial. The smell is intoxicating and reminds me of freshly washed sheets.

There are many farmers who specialize in growing lavender: Prairie Lavender Farm, Woody Creek Lavender Farm, and Country Lavender Farm. Check out your local market for specialty soaps, blooms, plants, and many other products made from lavender.

Here is a little inspiration just for you. My favorite is the lavender wedding rice, much more eco-friendly than the bird exploding rice I should say.